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At no upfront cost, we offer businesses more affordable and reliable power supply.



At no upfront cost, we offer businesses more affordable and reliable power supply.


We partner with our customers for the long-term to reduce operational risk through providing affordable, reliable and non-polluting power supply.

The purpose of Centennial is to make it easier for businesses to operate in growth markets.  Our customers include office buildings, hotels, industrial facilities, medical centers, and schools.  We finance, install, own, operate and maintain our power systems, and customers pay only for electricity produced.

Customer advantages



We guarantee a double-digit savings for our customers compared to their current power costs.

We install the system for free.  Our customers pay only for electricity consumed.



We handle the installation, operation and maintenance of the power system, so our customers can focus on running their business.  

We continuously monitor the power system to ensure uninterrupted performance.  In the rare event problems arise, we make repairs at no added cost.


Environmentally-sustainable operations

We only use the top tier equipment to ensure safe operations.  

Our operations are designed to reduce air pollution.

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Kigali Genocide Memorial in Gisozi

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Centennial's solar project at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Gisozi was installed at no upfront cost to the Memorial.  The project meets the majority of the Memorial Center's power needs during sunlight hours and helps the facility to reduce its electricity costs and carbon footprint.  

During Phase 2 of the project, scheduled for later this year, Centennial will co-locate the existing solar system with battery storage in order to maintain the facility’s operational resiliency and reduce a large portion of the Memorial’s need for standby diesel generation.  

Hotel and Restaurant in Kiyovu

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Centennial's battery storage system at a hotel and restaurant provides uninterrupted power supply to the facility and substantially reduces the need for emergency diesel fuel.

The system saves the customer money on fuel costs, and will be integrated with a solar system after a new addition to the hotel is completed in 2017.

The hotel and restaurant is located in Kiyovu, a neighborhood in Kigali, Rwanda.  

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Become a Customer


Become a Customer

Is your business interested in more affordable, reliable and non-polluting power supply?

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Our Team




Our Team



David John Frenkil 


David John Frenkil founded Centennial after working as an Energy Project Finance Attorney in Los Angeles and Washington, DC.  He founded Centennial with the purpose of making it easier for businesses to operate in emerging markets, with a focus on more affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable power supply.    

He holds a Juris Doctor from the George Washington University Law School and B.A., Magna Cum Laude, from the George Washington University.  

He can be emailed directly at

Jean Pierre Murenzi


Jean Pierre Murenzi manages Centennial's business development activities in Rwanda.  He brings a thorough knowledge of the region's energy markets, and experience in finding solutions to the region's electricity challenges, with a particular focus on East Africa.  His work has been published in IEEE.  Prior to joining Centennial, Mr. Murenzi worked with leading solar companies focused on rural electrification in Tanzania and Rwanda.

He holds a Master's of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cum Laude, from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.A., Cum Laude, from Southwestern University in Texas.



Mr. Greeson serves as Counsel for Centennial, with a focus on contracts and financial transactions.  He has served in various legal and counsel capacities across Federal and International organizations, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. 

He holds a Juris Doctor from Vanderbilt University School of Law and a B.A. from Belmont University. 



Ildephonse Timothy Niringiyimana works as a Project Manager with Centennial's team in Rwanda.  He has been with the company since October 2014.

Mr. Niringiyimana supervises site visits and project construction. He also assists in customer engagement.  His previous experience includes hospitality, construction and logistics.





Eric Ngoga manages Centennial's skills training programs.  He is an environmental expert with a particular focus on advising developers of projects in environmental compliance regulations and procedures. He is an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Rwanda where he teaches courses on renewable energy, environmental policy, environmental impact assessment and general physics.

Mr. Ngoga holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Management with focus on Energy from the University of Liège in Belgium.

Rosine Mukabalisa is an Accounting Assistant with Centennial. She is currently studying for level F5 of the Association of Chartered  Certified Accountants (ACCA).  

Her previous experience includes working at the Statistics Departments of Kicukiro District and Nyarugenge District, and freelance translation from Kinyarwanda to English.  

She received a Bachelor of Commerce from Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, India.





Anmol Vanamali serves as Financing Strategies Director at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), where he is responsible for designing and implementing financial mechanisms for facilitating investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.  

Prior to VEIC, he was the Director of Finance & Policy Analysis at the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), Gammon Infrastructure Projects Limited in Mumbai and the Macquarie Group in New York.

He holds a Bachelor of Sciences from PSG College of Technology (Coimbatore), Master of Business Administration from Sydenham Institute of Management (Mumbai) and Master of International Affairs from the School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (New York).

Daniel Getman serves as an advisor for Centennial, providing financial and economic advisory support. He previously worked for the project finance group of BDO Ziv Haft Consulting in the Middle East, where he advised on multi-billion dollar conventional and renewable energy projects.

His work included financial modeling, economic research and tender advisory to project sponsors, investor consortiums and government ministries in the MENA region. 

He is an M.B.A. graduate of New York University and he earned his B.A. from The George Washington University.

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CNBC Africa Interview with Centennial's Managing Director

CNBC Africa: At no upfront cost, Centennial offers affordable, reliable and non-polluting power systems for customers.  Our power systems integrate solar photovoltaic technology with battery storage systems.  Instead of selling the equipment to our customers, we sell the power that is generated from the equipment.  


Accelerator: Noting that the majority of solar investment in markets throughout the African continent is currently based in rural areas for pay-as-you-go solar kits in villages and large utility scale projects that sell electricity into the national grid, Founder and Managing Director of Centennial, David John Frenkil, said, “While these rural solar projects are extremely important for the region’s development, Centennial focuses on a currently under-addressed challenge for commercial and industrial customers in and near urban centers that need a more affordable and reliable power supply.”

Centennial installs solar power at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center

The East African: "Instead of requiring upfront capital, Centennial is selling us the electricity generated by the solar system at a discount compared with our current power costs. This will allow us to dedicate more funds to our remembrance and peace education programs."

Centennial Generating Co. opens 1st phase of solar energy project in Rwanda

SNL Financial: The company said it is working with customers representing various sectors of Rwanda's economy, including hotels, office buildings, factories, mines, food distribution companies, health clinics and large residences. 

Solar Market Fundamentals Pointing to Increased U.S. Investment in Growth Markets

Power Finance & Risk: "The U.S. solar market is long on capital and short on deals. The competitive environment is driving down expected investor returns in the contiguous 48 states.  This is coupled with the ability of certain solar investors to tap relatively low-cost financing from the capital markets, especially at a time when U.S. solar incentives are, at best, awkward, arcane and perverse... [In growth markets,] investors can currently achieve unlevered returns in the mid-teens or higher."

Centennial Generating Co. Sees Fast-Growing Rwanda as Prime for Commercial Solar

SNL Financial: "We were attracted to Rwanda's good governance, rule of law and ... we were looking for a market where we can establish a long-term presence, bring local workers onto our team and add value in terms of offering reliable and affordable access to electricity in a way that reduces emissions."